POINT (An Action Short)

Check out the last project we got done before the Corona Virus struck! Featureing Nick Pitts directing.


Pleased to announce the release of our newest film!

College Bound

We are proud and excited to announce the release of the club’s first full short film.  Months of effort and the skills of our members, both crew and cast, have culminated in “College Bound.”

Our biggest production to date, we pushed ourselves out of the envelope. From idea, through script the original story formed. Then we brought it to life with interior and exterior scenes, aerial shots, special effects, digital effects, audio mixing.

And as happy as we are with it, we already see it as our new stepping off point to the next level.

Even though the main project has come to an end, in the coming months you will find some additional content on this page. Our goal is to document the journey we went though in an attempt to help others on the path we are. We plan to cover Editing, Audio, Camera Work, Aerial Cinematography, and Lighting in a series of short show and tell videos. These will cover our planning, the obstacles we encountered, and how we dealt with them.

We sure received a lot of help from other’s, and this is our attempt to cast bread upon the waters as well.

Editing and Colorizing

Audio Mixing

Camera Work

Aerial Cinematography