“Novella” will be a 30 minute film set in the 20’s mobster era with a touch of magic. It is intended for entry into film festivals in 2020/2021. We will likely be in production by late March. and finish in mid-May.

If you want to audition for an acting roll, or be a part of the production film crew. Please fill out the form below. That will kick off the following process:

Only Crew and Extra spots are left. Auditions have ended.

If you are signing up to be on the crew:

  1. Someone from the club will call you directly.
  2. We will need to get you assigned to a production department and have you start comming to our practice sessions to prep for the actual film production.

Crew wise, we are specificaly we are looking for 2 additional camera crew, 2 additional audio crew, 2 additional lighting and grips. Also need several general production assistants.

Longview Film Club is a East Texas based community non-profit organization. All involvment is unpaid and on a volunteer basis.


"Novella" Crew Sign Up

Roles to Audition for