POINT (An Action Short Film)

Point was filmed before the Corona Virus outbreak, and finished in April. Each club project is designed to immerse us in new challenges and to grow. This short film is all about action and fight sequences. Directed by Nick Pitts, the film made great use of a camera gimbal over the traditional use of long lenses. That put the camera operators ‘in-the-fight’ every bit as much as the actors. It really adds to the energy!

Nick Pitts will  also be the unit director in the club’s upcoming “Novella” 30 minute film for the fight scenes. Assuming the state’s rules on congregating ease up enough! We’ve already had to push back twice because of the virus.

Keep and eye on this web site to see how all this develops. We may try to complete additonal shorts that can be made under the more stringent rules in place now.