POINT (An Action Short)

Check out the last project we got done before the Corona Virus struck! Featureing Nick Pitts directing.


Pleased to announce the release of our newest film!

Who are we?

Have you ever wanted to make a movie? Does acting push your button? Or maybe it’s the buttons on the camera that you prefer to press? Makeup, special effects, music?

As Americans, we have been exposed to the silver screen from before we could walk, and our group believes many of us have that secret desire to be a part of a film.

The Longview Film Club is an organization that tries bring that dream to life. We are a group of amateurs and professionals that are bound together by the want to be involved in film making.

Maybe you’ve had such dreams? And maybe you’ve watched the endless list of credits at the conclusion to a movie and felt there would never be a way to even try?

So who are we? We are group of people working in concert to make our dreams a reality .. together accomplishing things we could not on our own.

What do we do?

First of all we have fun! We have a plan, we know where we are going. But along the way, we enjoy every step. There are so many skills in film making. We share, we learn, we practice, and then we produce.

Our group has all skill types and levels. Some of us have been involved with film making for decades, and some are brand new to the arts and sciences involved. If you want to learn, there is a place for you with us. If you know something you could teach us, you would be even more welcome!

We do it all. We come up with story ideas. We write scripts, make story boards, shot lists. We rehearse, build sets, apply make up. We direct. The boom operator hovers, lights glare. The camera rolls, the talent shines.  The footage is edited, color graded, effects added. We do it all .. and so could you.

Our Goals

For 2017, we are focused on bringing the entire production crew skill levels up. We are practicing, learning from each other. Then in 2018, we will begin doing short-shorts. And finally in 2019 and beyond, we intend to begin entering film festivals with products we can all be proud of.

In fact we’ve just released on August 31st, 2019 our 30 minute film, ‘WereBeast’. Stay tuned as it makes its way through film festivals!

Our goal is to pull together and make films. Come be part of that dream.